Coinbase suspends XRP trading: what effect on the price of Ripple’s cryptocurrency?

Coinbase had announced that it wanted to suspend trading in XRP following Ripple’s troubles with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is now done, and the price of XRP has experienced a jolt …

The real test begins for Ripple’s XRP

Ripple is currently facing two lawsuits, and it is the SEC’s that is expected to prove to be the most complicated for the company. Because in anticipation of this legal battle, several major exchanges – including the American Coinbase – have decided to suspend trading in Bitcoin Compass.

So it’s time to test for XRP. Will it manage to maintain its price, as confidence has eroded and it is cut off from a significant portion of investors? As a reminder, Coinbase Pro processes a large daily volume: nearly $ 3 billion over 24 hours , according to data from CoinGecko .

The consequences on the price of XRP

The date for the XRP suspension was set for January 19 at Coinbase. And a day later, it looks like it had an impact on the price of Ripple’s cryptocurrency, which fell and fell below $ 0.30 again . In a few hours, the price of XRP thus lost -14%:

We note, however, that the price of XRP has been showing signs of progress for a few days, while the majority of major altcoins are experiencing marked increases, including Ether (ETH). The fall therefore remains insignificant. Since the announcement of the lawsuit on December 22, however, XRP has lost -43% of its value .

The next major exchange that has plans to break away from XRP is Kraken, and the date has been set for January 29. It is therefore possible that the price of Ripple’s asset will experience a fall again on this date.